Fire Protection and Life Safety


"Working together, we help our clients achieve their fire safety objectives to preserve lives, property, and business continuity in a cost-effective manner."

— Carl Baldassarra, Senior Principal and Unit Manager

Having investigated and consulted on the fire protection of hundreds of structures, our professionals are experienced providers of fire protection engineering and life safety services for all types of new and existing structures. As leaders in the field, we have participated in the development of many of the codes, standards, and evaluation techniques currently in use in the fire protection industry.

We help clients develop cost-effective solutions to their challenging projects—solutions that meet their aesthetic goals without compromising public safety—for virtually all types of buildings and occupancies. Our fire protection experts identify risks and design safeguards to help prevent, control, and mitigate the effects of fires in new and existing structures. Working with building owners, developers, and architects, we evaluate the life safety and property protection goals of clients to help them protect people, property, and the environment from the destructiveness of fire. We work with local authorities to facilitate approval of clients’ project concepts and designs, saving time and reducing unnecessary expense during construction.

Using the latest techniques, we expertly provide analysis of fire hazards; life safety evaluations; mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement, and protection of buildings; selection of materials, assemblies, and systems; review of industrial processes; the design of fire detection, notification, suppression, and communication systems; due diligence surveys; and post-loss investigation and analysis.



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