Design Review


"WJE’s approach to solving building problems is logical, rational, and practical. Our solutions deliver performance, value, and long-term durability."

— Ian Chin, Vice President and Senior Principal

WJE has applied our logical, rational, and practical approach to thousands of projects since our founding in 1956. Our engineers and architects draw upon extensive knowledge of construction-related issues to objectively assess design plans and provide technical guidance. Our independent design review provides a superior level of quality control and the confidence that comes with expert oversight.

WJE’s specialized expertise in and knowledge of critical performance issues can be vital to understanding and properly addressing design components less familiar to the design and construction teams. During the design phase, our engineers and architects assist in the decision-making process regarding overall design, materials selection, and development of details. The WJE reviewer helps the project team work through complex details, identifying systems and materials incompatibilities and mitigating future performance issues. Once construction is underway, the WJE reviewer’s role extends to the assessment of submittals and samples as well as performance testing.

We work closely with the client and the design and construction teams throughout the project to review, refine, and implement design solutions that ensure long-term durability and client satisfaction. Our design review process supports the full project team—from the construction professionals to the owner—and provides real value by contributing the experienced and unbiased perspective of an industry leader in technical excellence and innovation.

  • Facade engineering
  • Assistance with preliminary design recommendations
  • Conceptual sketching
  • Design phase detailing and technical assistance
  • Corrosion Assessment and Service Life Evaluation (WJE CASLE™)
  • Value engineering studies
  • Whole building air pressurization testing
  • Bid reviews
  • Preconstruction technical review and field testing of mock-ups
  • Construction period observation, documentation, and on-site evaluation of contractor quality control
  • Code compliance reviews
  • Third-party structural peer reviews
  • Fitness for service reviews