Litigation Consulting


"Clients involved with legal disputes turn to WJE for experts who understand the sciences, practices, and regulations that define our industry and who effectively apply this understanding to develop strategies for fair resolution."

— Martina Driscoll, Principal and Unit Manager

When faced with critical litigation issues, experience matters. WJE has gained its practical experience from having completed more than 125,000 investigations. Clients rely on WJE to provide expert assistance for resolving claims and disputes arising from faulty design and construction, materials failures, water leakage, and accidents.

WJE professionals provide expert testimony, effectively conveying complex technical concepts in mediations, depositions, and trials. WJE experts offer opinions based on state-of-the-art investigation and practical knowledge in all areas of construction technology. The firm consults on standard of care, property damage, causation, code compliance, required repairs, and construction defects.