Product Development, Evaluation, and Testing


"Innovative solutions result from deeply exploring the details and fundamental aspects of a problem, material, or system."

— Steven Zimmerman, Associate Principal, Unit Manager, and Regional Director of the Janney Technical Center

Our company was founded on a spirit of innovation—a belief that everything can be improved and that opportunities to develop creative solutions abound. Since 1956, we’ve specialized in the investigation and analysis of existing structures and the materials and products that are used in the construction of the built world. Having solved some of the most complex structural and architectural problems over the course of nearly seven decades, we bring real world experience to product evaluation as well as the knowledge and resources to foster continued product development.

Our engineers, architects, and materials scientists are leaders in a wide range of industry organizations that develop many of the design standards and testing methods for construction-related components, systems, and materials. That knowledge, coupled with the capabilities of our Janney Technical Center—one of the largest and most comprehensive private construction research laboratories in North America—uniquely positions us to test and evaluate nearly any construction-related assembly or product.

Our product development work includes laboratory verification of new and existing products; assistance with the evaluation of prototypes; and studies related to durability, long-term performance, and limitations of use. We apply our extensive technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment and technology to successfully meet every new challenge.

  • Sustainable (low carbon) concrete
  • Structural testing and instrumentation
  • Physical and mechanical testing of materials
  • Material durability testing
  • Chemical and petrographic testing
  • Large-scale prototype testing
  • Quality control systems and inspections
  • Load capacity and safety factor determination
  • Product evaluation