Salk Institute for Biological Studies: Teak Wood Window Conservation Program

Ann Harrer, Principal
Kyle C. Normandin, Principal
Kimberly A. Steiner, Principal and Unit Manager

The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and Salk Institute for Biological Studies completed conservation efforts for one of the key architectural elements at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California—its teak window walls. The site, completed in 1965 and designed by famed architect Louis I. Kahn, is widely considered to be a masterpiece of modern architecture. After fifty years in an exposed marine environment, the institute’s distinct teak window walls, set within the monolithic concrete walls of the study towers and offices, had weathered to a non-uniform appearance and were deteriorated. The construction work, designed by WJE, addressed these issues. Learn more about the restoration in this video produced in cooperation with WJE, GCI and Salk Institute.