Building Science


"WJE’s integration of materials science with architecture and engineering principles enables us to provide sound solutions for building performance issues related to heat, air, and moisture transport and storage."

— Justin Boone, Principal and Unit Manager

Buildings, no matter their level of complexity, can’t avoid the influences of their surrounding environment. Climate, sunlight exposure, and site orientation play a significant role in a building’s effectiveness at fulfilling its intended functions, including facilitating the health and productivity of its occupants. The interaction between external and internal environments can be a source of issues throughout a building’s service life or, when carefully considered, can be optimized to promote sustainability, safety, efficiency, and comfort. 

Our building science expertise and resources are the result of a commitment to understanding the true nature of building performance issues related to heat, air, and moisture transport and storage. Our expert professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory and field testing capabilities, provide clients with a wide range of analytical and empirical methods for assessing their structures, including building performance modeling and simulations, pressure and flow measurement, and temperature and humidity studies. From the resulting data and analysis, our project teams can better understand the cause and origin of complex building enclosure failures or resolve challenging design conditions.