Repair and Rehabilitation


"By blending experience, creativity, and state-of-the-art knowledge, WJE can help clients appreciate the full range of options, from proven repair methods to practical and innovative repair techniques."

— Howard Hill, Senior Principal and Director of Project Operations

From historic cathedrals to modern skyscrapers, structures of all types require maintenance and periodic repair and rehabilitation. Clients rely on WJE’s multidisciplinary approach for trusted repair and rehabilitation services. WJE engineers, architects, and materials scientists leverage the knowledge gained from completing more than 125,000 assignments to provide clients with solutions to their most challenging architectural, structural, and materials problems.

WJE professionals are skilled at preparing clear and effective repair and rehabilitation designs based on a sound understanding of the client’s budgetary and schedule restraints as well as the project’s technical challenges. WJE professionals deliver practical repair and rehabilitation services that maximize the structure’s useful life while minimizing overall costs.

WJE experts can tap into the firm’s collective experience and specialized laboratory services in the Janney Technical Center and WJE’s regional laboratories in Austin, Texas, and Cleveland, Ohio, to deliver innovative repair solutions.

  • Facade assessment
  • Repair and rehabilitation design
  • Preparation of construction documents and specifications
  • Review and analysis of bids
  • Construction contract administration services
  • Construction management
  • Design-build for repair and rehabilitation
  • Special inspections and testing services
  • Engineering criticality assessment and fitness-for-service
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis