New IBC Office Occupant Load Factor: When and How to Use It

Warren D. Bonisch, Associate Principal

In this one-hour presentation, WJE fire protection engineer Warren Bonisch covers the history of the International Building Code's (IBC) office occupant load factor, the new changes made to the office load factor and why these changes were made, and where and how to use the new office occupant load factors. He also provides example projects showing the impact of the new factor.

By the end of the presentation, you will be able to:

  • Follow the history behind the creation of occupant load factors;
  • Understand the reasoning behind the changes in occupant load factors to business office uses;
  • Identify the specific uses where the concentrated business use occupant load factor is applicable; and
  • Recognize the impact of the revised occupant load factors to occupant load, required egress width, and number of exits.
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