Strength of Damaged, In-Service Glass

Anthony D. Cinnamon, Associate Principal

WJE is frequently involved in projects in which in situ glass is reportedly “damaged” by wind-borne debris. While visible damage to the glass is easily quantified, assessing how the damage has affected the glass strength is often a contentious issue due to the lack of available research information. In this presentation, WJE Associate Principal Tony Cinnamon shares the findings of an in-house research project in which “damaged” glass samples were removed from a building as part of a WJE project, surface blemishes were documented, and the glass was tested to failure. Tony reviews basic properties of glass, explains how to identify glass types and their associated strengths, explains glass strength standards, and offers insights from the research into how surface damage affects glass strength.

* This webinar recording is made available for educational purposes. While we hope you will watch and learn something useful, please note that viewers aren't eligible for AIA credit.