Construction Observation and Troubleshooting


"From new construction to routine maintenance to whole-building restorations, WJE is on-site to verify that the architect's or engineer's design intent is met during construction."

— Christopher Giffin, Principal

Deficient structures are too often traced back to interconnected problems: a flawed design that was faithfully implemented and/or a technically sound design that was poorly implemented. Our goal in every project is to properly implement a technically sound design. From thoroughly reviewing construction documents and bid specifications to on-site construction observation and quality assurance testing, we work with owners, project architects and engineers, and contractors to execute successful projects that meet industry standards and client expectations.

Our expert engineers and architects play a key role during a project’s preconstruction and construction phases: meeting with contractors and suppliers, helping the construction team interpret and adhere to contract documents and design specifications, maintaining a consistent quality of work, and troubleshooting challenges that may arise. Additionally, we review the scope, assembly, and testing of construction mock-ups and, where opportunities for improvement are found, make recommendations for enhanced design or construction strategies. Throughout the construction phase, we conduct periodic site observation and report on the progress and quality of work.

Construction observation can be integral to project continuity and quality assurance as well as a safeguard against inadvertent design changes or miscommunications among the project team. Our technical expertise, coupled with experience gained from more than 175,000 projects, helps owners achieve successful results through the proper implementation of technically sound designs.

  • Sustainable (low carbon) concrete
  • Technical assistance during design and construction
  • Construction document peer review
  • Development of bid and repair documents
  • Review of contract specifications
  • Preconstruction meetings with subcontractors and suppliers
  • On-site construction observation and reports
  • Oversight of quality assurance testing of structures and materials
  • Advising and consulting with owners