Sugar House Condominiums Association


Sugar House is a four-story masonry building with a basement-level garage and fifth floor penthouses. The building was constructed as a two-story sugar warehouse in the 1860s. The top two floors and penthouses were added when the building was converted to condominiums in 2001. The addition included new masonry rising and parapet walls and new terrace waterproofing.


WJE reviewed documents related to the 2001 renovations, leak history, and prior repairs before performing an investigation of the terrace waterproofing and masonry cavity wall construction that included probe openings to verify concealed construction components and methods of installation. Remedial repair documents were prepared to correct masonry wall construction deficiencies and to replace the failed terrace waterproofing systems. WJE documented the type, location, and extent of construction deficiencies during full-time observation of remedial repair work. A comprehensive report was then prepared to present the findings and conclusions of the leakage investigation to assist the association's counsel with their claim of latent defects against the renovation contractor.