Seneca High School

Lenape Regional High School District
Tabernacle, NJ

Building Envelope Leakage Investigation and Litigation Support

The school district reported more than 140 leaks into the newly constructed school and retained WJE to investigate the source and cause of the leaks. WJE also assisted the school district with its claim against the builder.


Construction of Seneca High School was completed in 2003. The school's building envelope consists of masonry cavity walls, metal wall panels, approximately 58,000 square feet of steep-slope standing seam sheet metal roofing, and about 108,000 square feet of low-slope single-ply EPDM membrane roofing.


WJE performed an interior investigation at each of the reported leak locations to identify suspected sources of the leak as well as a thorough investigation of the roofing and walls in the vicinity of the leaks to identify deficient conditions related to the source and cause of the leaks. The investigation identified forty-eight deficiencies in the EPDM roofing, ninety-six deficiencies in the metal roofing, and 109 deficiencies in the masonry walls that caused or contributed to leaks.

WJE engineers prepared a comprehensive report documenting the observations and conclusions of the investigation and provided recommendations to correct the identified deficiencies. The engineers also developed remedial repair design documents and provided construction administration services during the repair work. Finally, WJE assisted with the school district's claims against the builder for deficient construction.