Aloha Stadium

State of Hawaii
Aiea, HI

Condition Assessment and Planning Study

Extensive and ongoing corrosion of the weathering steel structural system in this stadium raised concerns regarding short- and long-term safety and serviceability. To properly assess the various options for maintaining stadium facilities at this site, the condition of the existing facility had to be evaluated, and options for maintaining it needed to be compared to the cost of constructing a new stadium.


Constructed in the early 1970s, primarily of weathering structural steel, Aloha Stadium is a fifty-thousand-seat reconfigurable stadium that can accommodate football, baseball, and concert layouts.


WJE's evaluation found that the vast majority of the deteriorated weathering steel remained structurally sound. Given this finding, and the identification of compatible restoration materials, WJE determined that there would be substantial value in repairing the corrosion protection system and the seating bowl waterproofing membrane. In order to compare various options for continuing to have stadium facilities at this location, WJE developed cost estimates for restoring/maintaining the existing facility and for constructing/maintaining a new stadium. Based on this study, the owner decided that it would be most cost-effective to extend the life of the current structure.