Westin Dallas Fort Worth

Hersha Hospitality Management
Irving, TX

Code Consulting and Smoke Control System Testing

Hersha Hospitality Management initially engaged WJE to evaluate the fire protection and life safety aspects of the Property Improvement Plan (PIP) developed by Marriott Fire Protection and Life Safety. The scope of WJE’s survey was later expanded to include an evaluation of the building’s smoke control systems, including the atrium smoke exhaust, hotel guest room corridor smoke exhaust, and stair pressurization systems.


The Westin Dallas Fort Worth, located near the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Irving, Texas, was constructed in approximately 1986 as the Harvey Hotel. The building is fifteen stories tall and includes 506 guest rooms, a full service restaurant and bar, and extensive meeting and ballrooms.

Hersha Hospitality Management purchased the Westin Dallas Fort Worth with a joint venture partner in 2018. As part of a standard ownership transition, Marriott Fire Protection and Life Safety performed an audit of the property and developed a list of improvements to be implemented at the hotel.


WJE performed a detailed review of the fire protection and life safety audit prepared by Marriott Fire Protection and Life Safety and worked with hotel staff to discuss various alternatives to address each issue. During WJE’s survey, additional fire protection and life safety inspection, testing, and maintenance issues were identified. WJE advised the client on short-term and long-term measures to address each issue.

In addition, WJE evaluated the building’s fire alarm control panel. Research was conducted on the age of the panel and the availability of replacement parts. WJE also provided insight into the advantages and disadvantages of modifying and repairing the existing system over a full system replacement.

WJE performed smoke control system functional testing and analysis, which included component testing of all aspects of the atrium and corridor smoke exhaust systems as well as the stair pressurization systems. WJE issued a smoke control system test report that included recommendations to address the observations made by WJE during the system testing. WJE’s recommendations included means to better coordinate smoke control functions with the building’s fire alarm system.