Union Denver/17 Wewatta

Davis Partnership Architects and Holland Partner Group
Denver, CO

Peer Review, Quality Assurance Testing, and Construction Observation

Prior to construction of the mixed-use development, WJE was retained by Davis Partnership Architects to complete a building envelope peer review concentrating on water shedding capability, the water resistive barrier, drainage and drying capacities of the envelope assemblies, air flow and moisture vapor diffusion management, and the long-term durability of the components and systems. Subsequently, Holland Partner Group retained WJE to perform quality assurance field testing and construction observation services.


Union Denver/17 Wewatta is a mixed-use development in the LoDo (Lower Downtown) neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. The mid-rise development contains retail and parking on the lower four levels, one of which is below-grade. At the fourth level, three separate apartment towers project upward from a podium level, which includes an accessible terrace/amenity deck.


The design peer review for Davis Partnership was completed utilizing a phased approach that corresponded with the Design Development, Construction Document, and Preconstruction phases of the project delivery process. WJE was then retained by Holland Partner Group to perform periodic construction observations and quality assurance field testing of various building enclosure components and systems.

WJE performed periodic site observation visits during the construction phase that began during below-grade waterproofing and extended up to the roof assemblies. Construction Observation Reports were issued that outlined WJE’s observations, noted areas of concern, and provided remedial recommendations for consideration by the project team.

WJE also performed quality assurance field tests on mock-up installations as well as in-place commercial glazing systems (curtain wall) and fenestration products (window wall). These tests consisted of water penetration resistance testing and air infiltration testing. Water and Air Testing Observation Reports were issued throughout the construction phase that outlined WJE’s observations, summarized the test results, and provided remedial recommendations for consideration by the project team.