The Royal Kuhio

Royal Kuhio AOAO and Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.
Honolulu, HI

Recreation Deck Rehabilitation Design

The Royal Kuhio retained WJE to perform a limited investigation and provide design services for part of the recreation deck and the elevator lobby. Our primary scope of work was to repair the structural deck, replace the deck waterproofing, and install new tile finishes and one wind screen. As the project progressed, our scope was expanded to include design and construction administration for additional deck amenities and construction management for the replacement of the pool.


The Royal Kuhio, built circa 1976, is a thirty-eight-story cast-in-place concrete tower housing 385 residential units. The first seven floors serve as a parking structure podium. The recreation deck, located at the top level of the podium on the seventh floor, offers amenities including a pool, barbecue areas, and a multipurpose area.


WJE performed a site investigation of the recreation deck and provided multiple repair options for waterproofing, limited spall repairs, and tile replacement. The client retained us to provide design, bidding, permitting, and construction administration services for the project. Our team initially created a project manual and drawings with repair details for the deck structural repairs, deck waterproofing, light poles, and flooring finishes for the exterior deck and the elevator lobby. Our design scope was expanded mid-project to include additional amenities, including wind screens, a new barbeque area, and various plumbing and lighting improvements.

During the construction phase, we discovered challenges with the waterproofing integration at the pool edge and some structural deterioration at the bottom of the pool. The association decided to replace the pool in its entirety. Our design scope further expanded to include structural repairs and waterproofing design for the structural deck. WJE also served as an adviser to the client for the pool replacement design-build project.

Throughout the project, we performed regular construction period site visits to observe and document the work in progress for general compliance with contract documents and recognized industry standards. During the pool replacement, we worked to ensure the pool replacement work integrated with the waterproofing systems.