"WJE's experience investigating and solving construction-related problems provides us with a unique perspective on new construction that allows us to develop practical design solutions that meet the unique performance requirements of each new structure."

— Rick Weber, Principal and West Region Director

Our design professionals help make the overall project design achievable, maintainable, and economically viable. Our interdisciplinary staff perform a wide range of design consulting tasks, including detailing, materials selection, constructability review, and the establishment of performance criteria and quality assurance programs. We work with the project architects, engineers, contractors, and property owner in a design-build approach to efficiently and collaboratively manage expectations and address problems prior to occupancy.

In a design-build setting, our professionals provide continuity of services from the initial development of project requirements through completion of construction. Our peer review services, problem solving, component design, and performance testing support proper installation and long-term durability, serviceability, and performance of an array of building materials, components, and systems. In addition to collaborating within a design-build framework, we have performed design-build work, particularly on bridge structures, as both the designer and contractor.

With a long history of investigating building failures, we bring a practical, holistic approach to avoid construction problems and help meet the project budget and schedule. Our engineers, architects, and materials scientists understand the challenges and constraints of design-build projects. We draw upon our collective experience to identify possible issues and develop solutions for each new construction or repair project, leading to successful completion with minimal delays.