Pauli Murry and Benjamin Franklin Colleges

Yale University Office of Facilities Construction & Renovation
New Haven, CT

Peer Review and Construction Period Services

The owner retained WJE to perform a third-party review of the designed building envelope cladding and waterproofing systems in order to help deliver quality new construction that manages and prevents air and water penetration into the building. Upon completion of the review, the owner retained WJE to perform on-site observations during construction for the purpose of evaluating the quality of installation related to the building envelope masonry and waterproofing systems and their compliance with the contract documents.


In the spring of 2008, members of the Yale Corporation voted unanimously to expand enrollment at Yale College through the creation of two new residential colleges. After seven years of planning, construction began in April of 2015. Plans for The New Residential Colleges at Yale University consist of a north and south college comprised of twenty-three interconnecting three- to five-story buildings, courtyards, below-grade structures, plazas, and tunnels in addition to five tower buildings ranging in height from to 120 to 225 feet.


Prior to issuance of the construction documents, WJE performed a third-party review of building envelope components and waterproofing systems, including below-grade waterproofing; plaza/terrace waterproofing; under-slab vapor barriers; membrane, flat seam metal, and slate roofing; brick and stone masonry; cast stone; cavity wall air/vapor barriers; cavity wall flashing; roof drainage systems; and steel windows.

During construction, WJE reviewed contractor shop drawings and submittals as a precursor to on-site observations services, which included daily site visits by a multi-person WJE team to observe the construction of the building envelope.

During below-grade waterproofing installation, WJE performed inspections required by the waterproofing manufacturer for issuance of the specified warranty.

WJE also conducted performance testing of the full-sized mock-ups as well as site-installed window and exterior walls for air and water infiltration, performed roof uplift resistance testing of installed low-sloped roofing systems, and field adhesion testing of field-installed building sealants.