NEWS | April 6, 2022

Webinar Recording -- Challenges in Below-Grade Structures: Relationships between Waterproofing, Walls, and Shoring


A recording of this webinar is now available.

A structure's ability to repel moisture is one of its most basic functions. Although modern construction technologies have greatly improved the moisture-resistant characteristics and reliability of our below-grade structures, the complexities of below-grade systems continue to pose particular risks and challenges that affect how well components work together to achieve long-term moisture resistance.

In this webinar, WJE building enclosure experts Rick Mosco and Michelle Sandoval Marcinek discuss the complex interrelationship between waterproofing systems, exterior concrete (or shotcrete) walls, and (permanent or temporary) shoring. 

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe common below-grade waterproof construction assemblies,
  • Identify characteristics of different shoring, waterproofing, and concrete wall types,
  • Explain how the characteristics of various types of shoring and concrete wall components can affect the performance of waterproofing systems, and
  • Minimize problems associated with various combinations of below-grade waterproof construction components.


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