Measuring Up to Steeple Remediation


As with any assembly, considering the materials involved is imperative to develop appropriate remediation strategies to extend the serviceable life of these structures. Like many roofs and building claddings, these assemblies are frequently only viewed from a distance, and regular maintenance is not always performed due to challenges accessing these elements.

Thus, proper care is frequently postponed until bigger issues emerge. When assessments are implemented, the opportunity must be seized to get appropriate information to develop remediation strategies and educate owners regarding regular maintenance needs. Three bell towers are briefly discussed below that represent different challenges and corrective actions that were not initially apparent.

Join architect Tim Crowe as he explains that—when working on steeples and bell towers—investigations can expose unsuspected deterioration or impaired conditions that are otherwise concealed from the owners or maintenance staff.

This article was originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of Licensed Architect magazine, the official publication of the Association of Licensed Architects.