Downstream and Process Industries


"We apply our broad expertise and experience in metallurgy and applied mechanics to the built world and the downstream and process industries behind it."

— Bernard Schulze, Associate Principal and Unit Manager

As part of our focus on the built world, WJE has the capabilities and expertise to help companies in downstream and process industries. Our metallurgy and applied mechanics group is dedicated to the timely and professional evaluation of your most important pressure equipment concerns.

With nearly a half century of experience in industrial consulting, our experts will leverage our deep process industry experience to find an engineering solution that fits your specific needs. Our principal areas of practice include: fitness for service assessments, pressure vessel design and rerates, piping design and analysis, fire damage and extreme event evaluations, failure analysis and root cause analysis, nonlinear finite element analysis, inspection planning and turnaround support, material testing and analytical modeling, high temperature applications, and weld design and qualification.

WJE’s deep process industry expertise is supported by a multidisciplinary team to assist owner/operators with the interaction of fixed equipment with the surrounding structural supports and equipment foundations. Our team is also supported by our in-house, advanced, state-of-art metallurgical and materials laboratories that are equipped to handle a wide variety of materials characterization and testing, including composition and microstructure.

We are committed to utilizing our industrial consulting skills by helping clients solve, repair, and avoid problems in both the pressurized and built worlds.