The most important thing in our business is the safety of our people. WJE has been committed to safety since Jack Janney first opened our doors in 1956.

Everyone at WJE is responsible for safety. We believe that a safety program cannot be effectively implemented by any one person or select group of individuals. The ultimate objective of a safe, accident free work environment can only be accomplished through a dedicated and concerted effort by each individual involved with the project. In our culture, each individual realizes their value to the company and the cost of accidents in monetary, physical, and emotional terms.

Our Shared Destiny core value provides a foundation for each individual to play an important role in creating, administering, and fulfilling a companywide safe work ethic. Shared destiny fosters the responsible application of safety to our work and focuses our attention on reaching the objectives of our safety program.

WJE strives for a safe, accident-free work environment. Planning for a safe work environment begins at the proposal stage and continues throughout the lifecycle of our projects. We integrate our efforts with the safety programs and requirements of our clients. A dedicated team of full-time safety professionals is always available to support and provide counsel to our staff and our clients.

WJE routinely performs work involving:
  • Fall protection systems
  • Aerial and scissor lifts
  • Suspended and supported scaffolding
  • Industrial rope access
  • Crane suspended platforms
  • Confined space work
  • Personal protective equipment