City of Aspen


The Yellow Brick School Building was originally constructed in 1959 and has a 21,000-square-foot internally drained flat roof. It is home to several year-round childcare organizations as well as the City of Aspen Parks and Recreation Special Events and Marketing Department.


WJE designed a new roofing system based on a phased approach to fit the City's budget and objective for a long-lived premium-quality system. The new design consisted of a fully adhered EPDM roofing system installed over a mechanically attached, tapered polyisocyanurate system and cover board. As part of the roofing design process, WJE performed a limited dew-point analysis of the building to determine if the installation of an air-barrier was necessary.

WJE was also retained to perform periodic construction observation services to help ensure that the roofing work was completed in conformance with the design intent and the requirements of the drawings and specifications. Additionally, WJE assisted with coordinating the execution of the roof replacement between the roofing contractor and building occupants.