Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery project consists of a four-story, three hundred thousand-square-foot building that is irregularly shaped in plan. The exterior of the building features a combination of rain screen terra cotta cladding, aluminum-framed windows and curtain walls, and composite metal panels. Situated on a trapezoidal parcel of land, the building occupies one entire city block in the heart of the University's campus.


WJE services began with design-phase peer reviews. As the project progressed into construction, WJE undertook a comprehensive commissioning approach to the building enclosure. This consisted of the development of a building enclosure commissioning specification; laboratory mock-ups and performance testing; submittal reviews; field quality coordination seminars for the contractors; building enclosure checklists; onsite construction observations and documentation; and building enclosure commissioning meetings and follow-ups. Field testing to validate the performance of the various building enclosure systems and components was undertaken by WJE staff with assistance from ATI.

The project highlights WJE's leadership within the building enclosure commissioning industry and is an excellent example of WJE's resolve to deliver quality and effective service in a time sensitive manner.