UTSA Biosciences Building

The University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

Roof Replacement Design and Construction Administration Services

In 2013, the roof system had reached the end of its useful service life, and UTSA planned to replace the roof, as needed. WJE was retained to perform an initial assessment of the existing roof system to determine the overall condition and the anticipated remaining service life of the roof. It was determined that roof replacement was the best value.


The Biosciences Building at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a four-story structure, constructed circa 1995, with a modified bitumen roof system.


The building is a critical laboratory at UTSA, so special considerations were given to roof access and security as well as fall protection for maintenance personnel. Structural analysis and modifications to support a new security fence and new fall protection anchors on the existing structure were performed by in-house WJE structural engineers.

The bidding process was challenging, as this was a relatively small project that required several different trades. WJE and UTSA collaboratively phased the project to promote competitive bidding, reduce overhead costs on the project, and meet a tight project schedule.

During construction, WJE performed regular site visits and issued reports documenting deficiencies and worked with the contractor to facilitate corrections. WJE also reviewed the applications for payment, requests for information, and submittals. Since the building was occupied for active laboratory studies and the roof replacement required temporary shutdown of some of the critical exhaust equipment, tight coordination between all team members was particularly important.