Natural Gas Pipeline

Colorado Natural Gas, Inc. and Summit Utilities, Inc.
Park County, UT

Geologic Hazards Assessment

Geological engineers with Michael W. West & Associates, Inc. now joined with WJE—to characterize geologic conditions and geologic hazards along the pipeline alignment, assess the probable impact of those conditions would have on the pipeline, and to offer recommendations regarding construction of the pipeline in identified hazard areas.


The highest elevation along the proposed pipeline alignment was approximately 11,540 feet (3.5 kilometers) above sea level, with a total relief of approximately 1,340 feet (408.4 meters) for the pipeline within the study area.


The engineers performed a geologic hazards assessment for a “Conditional Use Permit” related to the installation of proposed natural gas pipelines intended to serve the communities of Alma, Fairplay, and nearby rural areas.

The proposed pipeline alignment crossed several hazards, including landslide deposits, debris flow fans, and generally steep terrain. MWWAI evaluated the potential risk associated with the identified hazards and provided preliminary recommendations to help mitigate these risks.

Services included the following:

  • Geologic reconnaissance and mapping
  • Stereo aerial photography interpretation
  • Seismic risk assessment
  • Preliminary construction recommendations