Geological Hazard Assessment


We provide a broad range of geological hazard assessment services ranging from probabilistic seismic hazard evaluations for high-risk dams to geologic hazard assessments for residential development. In addition to identifying and describing these hazards, we evaluate the potential dangers they pose to the proposed development or facility and provide recommendations to mitigate these hazards.

  • Geologic hazard assessments for residential development, including evaluation of swelling and collapsing soils, slope stability, rockfall, potential radiation hazard, and steeply dipping bedrock
  • Evaluation of mine subsidence involving review of available mining records and deep drilling to characterize conditions in mined areas
  • Subsurface investigation, slope stability analysis, and monitoring slope movement for new development in mountainous areas
  • Monitoring slope movement at existing facilities to establish baseline information prior to development of adjacent property
  • Geologic mapping, subsurface investigation, groundwater monitoring, and/or slope stability analysis for development within mapped landslide areas
  • Paleoseismological analysis of high-risk sites
  • Deterministic and probabilistic seismic hazard evaluations for new dams