Lake Las Vegas Dam

Transcontinental Properties
Las Vegas, NV

Geological Consulting

Geotechnical engineers with Michael W. West & Associates, Inc. now joined with WJE—served as principal geological consultants for construction of Lake Las Vegas Dam and Bypass Conduit System.


Lake Las Vegas Dam is 192 feet high (58.5 meters), 4,200 feet long (1.28 kilometers), rolled-earth embankment dam, impounding a reservoir of 10,000 acre-feet (12.3 hm³). The reservoir is the focal point of the $2.5 billion Lake Las Vegas Resort development.


The project included construction of three spillways, outlet works, control structure, a roadway bridge, and a bypass system. The bypass system consists of two side-by-side, 84-inch-diameter concrete pipes designed to pass flows in Las Vegas Wash beneath the reservoir and dam. The team provided geological and geotechnical services for design of the bypass system through construction of the dam.