Vail Resorts Development Company


The final retaining wall design for the Forest Road Snowcat Bypass consisted of a soil nail retaining wall on the cut side and MSE retaining walls on the fill side of the road. The as-constructed soil nail and MSE walls were each approximately 600 linear feet (183 m) long, each with maximum heights of about 16 feet (4.9 m).


MWWAI provided full-time construction observation during installation of the soil nail wall. Responsibilities included verification that ground conditions were consistent with design parameters, verification that soil nail installation was consistent with design recommendations, and providing guidance and carrying out design changes due to actual field conditions. MWWAI also provided part-time observation during the MSE wall construction to verify that ground conditions and construction were in accordance with the design plans and specifications.

MWWAI delivered a Construction Quality Assurance Report to the client that included daily field notes and soil nail installation logs. MWWAI also collected, evaluated, and presented all testing information from the various subcontractors—such as monitoring data of the soil nail wall, soil nail verification and proof test results, tie wire spike pullout test results, and materials testing data.