Movable Bridge Balance and Strain Gage Operational Testing Explained

Ralph Giernacky, Associate Principal

Bridge balance in an essential consideration for every movable bridge owner, contractor, and designer. Inattention to bridge balance can result in overloading electrical drives and/or drive machinery, unacceptable operational behavior, or unacceptable stability when seated -- any of which can result in damage to the structure or injury to personnel or the traveling public. 

In this complimentary, one-hour webinar, WJE mechanical engineers Ralph Giernacky and Adam Mills explore the fundamentals of movable bridge balance for bascule and vertical lift bridges and highlight the benefits of strain gage operational testing.

By the end of the presentation, you will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of measuring the balance condition of a movable bridge using strain gages,
  • Identify the fundamental principles of measuring shear strain to establish shaft torque,
  • Explain the process of determining bridge balance from shaft torque, and 
  • Evaluate balance considerations for bascule and vertical lift bridges.
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