Adam B. Mills

Associate III


Adam Mills has eleven years of experience as a mechanical engineer, including nine years providing engineering services for heavy movable structures projects. Mr. Mills’ experience includes design of machinery for heavy movable structures, inspection of machinery systems, mechanical construction services, in-field engineering support, and strain gage bridge balancing.





  • East 11th Street Bascule Bridge -Tacoma, WA: Construction engineering services throughout installation of new span drive machinery on double-leaf bascule bridge
  • Norfolk Southern Bridge N1.27 (Bridge 5): Inspection, strain gage drive load measurement, and survey measurements to determine cause of bridge’s lateral movement; rehabilitation design for modifications to span-drive machinery, including installation of differential speed reducer and replacement of span-drive brakes
  • Tacony-Palmyra Bridge - Palmyra, NJ: Performed investigation of span drive machinery indexing issues of an historical rolling lift bascule
  • Healey Fall Locks - Healey Falls, ON, Canada: On-site construction engineering services to support contractor throughout installation of new lock gate machinery to ensure it was properly installed
  • Asset Management of Movable and Fixed Bridges, Florida Department of Transportation Districts 4 and 5: Mechanical engineer and lead mechanical inspector; annual inspections including thorough visual inspections, measurements and calculations of gear wear and remaining tooth thickness, bearing clearance and alignment measurements, span lock clearance and alignment measurements, and condition rating of mechanical machinery and Pontis-style reporting
  • Cape Fear Lift Bridge - Wilmington, NC: Span balance testing via dynamic strain gage method as part of bridge rehabilitation; counterweight changes directed to maintain proper span balance after construction
  • New Jersey DOT Inspections: Type I (in-depth), Type II, and Type III inspections of various movable bridges, including bascule bridges, swing bridges and vertical lift bridges; gear tooth thickness measurements, bearing clearance measurements, and coupling alignment measurements; evaluation of machinery’s integrity; comprehensive report of findings
  • Maryland HSA Inspections: Inspections of machinery on movable bridges; measurements including gear tooth thickness measurements, bearing clearance measurements and in-depth inspection of the span locks, traffic gates and live load supports; evaluation of overall integrity of the machinery; comprehensive report of findings and budgetary cost estimates for repairs
  • Norfolk Southern Systemwide Bridge Inspection: Mechanical inspections of ten movable bridges including field investigation of existing conditions, prioritization of recommendations and preparation of budgetary cost estimates for repairs
  • Movable Bridge Design: Machinery designs for movable bridge systems including the design of gear, shafts, couplings, bearings, and hydraulic machinery in accordance with various codes and standards; calculations for stress analysis, machinery loading and rating; design drawings and specifications; balance calculations and design of optimized counterweight for trunnion bascule, rolling lift, and vertical lift bridges
  • Movable Bridge Inspections: Inspection of machinery for more than sixty movable highway bridges and ten movable rail bridges; visual inspection, wear, alignment and clearance measurements; evaluation of machinery integrity
  • Movable Bridge Balance Testing: Strain gage balance testing on more than fifty bridges, including vertical lifts, rolling lifts, Strauss heel trunnions, trunnion bascules, and swing bridges

Professional Engineer in FL, MD, NC, and NJ


University of Pittsburgh
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 2008