"In the oil patch, innovation and creativity are driving new developments and breathing life into existing assets. Our experts are ready to partner with you to apply the latest advancements in design, analysis, and materials science to help you power the world."

— Melanie Sarzynski, Senior Associate

As part of our focus on the built world, WJE has the capabilities and expertise to help companies in upstream oil and gas applications. Our metallurgy and applied mechanics group focuses on providing engineering solutions to help companies solve and avoid problems encountered in exploration, drilling, and production.

With nearly a half century of experience in industrial consulting, our team of experts is ready with the breadth and depth of knowledge to work with you as you develop new energy sources to power the built world. Our principal areas of practice include: component design and analysis, component testing, fatigue and fracture assessments, harsh environment designs including arctic and high pressure high temperature (HPHT), material testing and analytical modeling, weld design and qualification, independent peer review and third-party verification, fitness for service assessments, and engineering critical assessments.

WJE’s energy industry expertise is supported by our in-house, advanced, state-of-art metallurgical and materials laboratories that are equipped to handle a wide variety of materials characterization and testing, including composition and microstructure.

We are committed to utilizing our industrial consulting skills by helping clients solve, repair, and avoid problems in both the pressurized and built worlds.