Steven K. Spencer

Associate Principal


Steven Spencer is experienced in engineering and project management, peer design review, quality assurance, and contract administration for multifamily and commercial buildings, as well as multimillion dollar cladding and roofing renovation projects. His experience and abilities include legal dispute resolution and construction documentation analysis, as well as design, testing, and inspection of various types of building enclosure assemblies in order to evaluate potential problems regarding moisture infiltration, thermal and vapor flow migration, and wind load resistance.

Mr. Spencer is involved with forensic investigations and building assessments that include roofing and cladding condition surveys utilizing digital thermography, roof uplift testing, nuclear moisture testing, and building water resistance field testing of various types of construction assemblies intended to resist moisture intrusion and migration within building envelopes. Prior to joining WJE, Mr. Spencer worked for another building envelope consulting firm, where he acquired more than six years of building envelope experience.


Roofing and Waterproofing

  • 600 Travis - Houston, TX: Testing and design of roof replacement for seventy-two-story office building*
  • University of Houston Student Services Building - Clear Lake, TX: Project manager for multimillion-dollar remedial waterproofing and cladding project *
  • Remington Square Office Building - Houston, TX: Review of roofing and waterproofing construction activities


Construction Troubleshooting

  • United States Coast Guard Sector Building - Houston, TX: Peer review and quality assurance observations for roofing and waterproofing systems *
  • Champion’s Plaza - New Orleans, LA: Peer review and quality assurance observations for roofing and waterproofing systems *


Facade Assessment

  • Caesar Park - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Condition assessment of concrete and plaster coating facade for high-rise hotel *
  • Elk Place - New Orleans, LA: Condition assessment of masonry cladding for high-rise office building *
  • City View Office Buildings - Austin, TX: Curtain wall and window prepurchase survey for multibuilding office complex


Peer Review

  • University of Houston, Health and Biomed Facility - TX: Review of building envelope design for a nine-story building expansion
  • Clear Lake High School - Clear Lake, TX: Review of building envelope design for new high school


Building Enclosure Testing

  • Greenspoint Mall - Houston, TX: Infrared thermography, nuclear moisture gauge, and roof uplift testing of existing roof *
  • 450 N. Sam Houston - Houston, TX: Nuclear moisture gauge, uplift testing, and fastener withdrawal testing of existing roof *
  • Sandia National Labs - Albuquerque, NM: Uplift testing of existing roof *
  • Southern Yacht Club - New Orleans, LA: Water testing of window systems *
  • Medical Center of Southeast Texas - Port Arthur, TX: Investigation of roof system failure and materials testing *


Roof Assessment and Design

  • ExxonMobil FTF Buildings - Friendswood, TX: Analysis of existing framing and design of metal building roof replacement *
  • Greenspoint 8 - Houston, TX: Construction documents for high-rise roof replacement *
  • ExxonMobil Central Administration Building - Baytown, TX: Construction documents and project manager for multimillion-dollar roof replacement and curtain wall remediation project *
  • Renaissance Square Towers I and II - Phoenix, AZ: Construction documents for high-rise roof replacement *

* Indicates work with previous firms

Professional Affiliations

International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants - Gulf Coast Chapter


Professional Engineer in TX


Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2008