Ralf Leistikow



Since joining WJE in 1991, Ralf Leistikow has been involved in numerous structural investigations, condition surveys, analyses and repair designs on low- and high-rise buildings, as well as parking, commercial, and underground structures throughout the U.S. Southeast and U.S. East Coast. His work includes the evaluation of post-tensioned, precast, and conventionally reinforced concrete structures; cast-in-place pavements and industrial floors; retaining walls, wood-framed and light-gauge, metal-framed structures; structural steel-framed structures; and pre-engineered buildings. Mr. Leistikow has also investigated building envelopes consisting of precast, brick masonry, stone, stucco, EIFS and various curtain wall systems.

Mr. Leistikow participates in and leads the investigation of structural damage and deterioration related to excessive loadings, deflections, deficient construction materials, moisture infiltration, corrosion, and fire. He has also led various failure investigations involving temporary falsework and suspended scaffolding systems. Mr. Leistikow performs assessments of alleged tornado and hurricane damage, conducts prepurchase assessments, and provides litigation support for various types of projects and clients.


Collapse Investigation

  • Partial Roof Collapse - Charlotte, NC: Evaluation of precast roof framing and falsework
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens Canopy Walkway - GA: Investigation of partially collapsed steel pedestrian bridge structure and temporary falsework
  • Mansell Road Office Building - Alpharetta, GA: Investigation of collapse of steel frame and composite slab
  • Orme Street Trunk Combined Sewer - Atlanta, GA: Investigation of unreinforced concrete tunnel


Disaster Response

  • Fire Damage Assessment - AL, FL, GA, LA, and NC: Field investigation and analysis of multiple fire-damaged structural steel, wood, and concrete structures
  • Hurricane and Tornado Damage Assessments - U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts: Field investigation and analysis of wind and surge-related damage on multiple commercial, government, and residential projects following 1995 to more recently named hurricanes


Parking Structures

  • Midtown Green - Raleigh, NC: Assessment of post-tensioned stressing end anchors
  • Georgia Institute of Technology North Campus Parking Deck - Atlanta: Evaluation and development of repair procedures for cracked columns and other construction defects
  • Knoxville City and Knox County Building - TN: Investigation, long-term acoustic monitoring, and repair of post-tensioned parking structure


Repair and Rehabilitation Design

  • Quorum Center - Raleigh, NC: Concrete column fire damage assessment, testing, analysis and repair design
  • Lowe’s Motor Speedway - Concord, NC: Condition survey, load testing, and
  • retrofit design
  • Hilton Garden Inn at Sugarloaf - Duluth, GA: Condition survey and repair design of hollow core plank floor and concrete unit masonry wall systems following excessive differential building settlement


Structural Investigation

  • Solar Field - Lumberton, NC: Assessment of alleged wind damage to solar panel support framing system
  • U-Pointe Apartments - Kennesaw, GA: Assessment and structural analysis of plate connected wood truss failures
  • Fox Theatre - Atlanta, GA: Condition survey of balcony and vibration study
  • Snellville Billboards - Snellville, GA: Evaluation of billboard framing
  • Transmission Towers - GA: Concrete foundation distress investigation
Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute
American Society of Civil Engineers
International Concrete Repair Institute
International Concrete Repair Institute - Georgia Chapter, past president
Post-Tensioning Institute


Professional Engineer in AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, and VA
Structural Engineer in GA


Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 1986
Master of Science, Civil Engineering, 1988