Hayley A. Proctor

Associate III


Hayley Proctor applies her expertise to evaluations and analyses of structures; failure investigations and condition assessments; seismic evaluations and retrofits, and litigation consulting. She has performed condition assessments and evaluations on various structures, including residential and industrial buildings. Ms. Proctor has also analyzed structures with computer modeling software for various materials including steel, concrete, wood, and masonry.



Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • High-Rise Residential Building - San Francisco, CA: Nonlinear analysis of 1920s steel-framed high-rise and repairs for corrosion damage at the exterior
  • Miami Marine Stadium - FL: Nonlinear, temperature-controlled, staged-construction analysis of three-dimensional model for cantilevered concrete stadium roof
  • Nonbuilding Structure - CA: Nonlinear, time-history analysis of cable-like assembly to evaluate friction wear on components over time
  • Warehouse - Brisbane, CA: Analysis of concrete slab-on-grade and driven concrete piles for various subgrade disturbances to assess possibility of damage to both structural and nonstructural components



  • Residential Structures - Monterey, CA: Design and analysis of replacement gravity and lateral system for residential building, including bid drawings and a cost estimation study
  • Unreinforced Masonry (URM) School - San Francisco, CA: ASCE 41 Tier 3 evaluation and retrofit recommendations of interconnected URM (circa 1919) and concrete (circa 1930) structures


Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Production Facility - Hayward, CA: Investigation of wooden truss ceiling structures for fractured truss elements and concrete tilt-up wall for out-of-plane movement
  • Various Post-Fire Evaluations - Oakland, CA: Field investigations of post-tensioned concrete slabs supporting wood-framed structures damaged by fire


Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Facade Access Testing - San Francisco and Santa Clara, CA: Load testing on various components of facade access equipment, including davits, roof davit bases, and fall‑protection anchors
  • Residential Condition Assessments - San Francisco, CA: Various pre- and post-construction condition assessments of residential buildings, including photo condition surveys and floor-levelness surveys
  • San Francisco Piers Ladder Investigation - CA: Assessments of ladder condition and OSHA compliance
  • Warehouse - Emeryville, CA: Evaluation and detailing of 1950s wooden truss ceiling structure, including identification of fractures


Professional Affiliations

Structural Engineering Association of Northern California (SEAONC)


University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2016
Master of Science, Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials), 2018