Fergus C. McCallan



Fergus McCallan joined WJE in 1997 and has been involved in various field projects investigating concrete, steel, glass, brick, mortar, stone, terra cotta, and roofing materials. He has performed a variety of field tests, including  performance testing of curtain walls and window systems, water leakage investigation, half-cell measurement testing, and structural integrity testing of parking garages.

Mr. McCallan's projects have included historic structures, high-rise residential and office buildings, multilevel parking structures, institutions, and single-family dwellings. His additional experience includes quality control inspections, preparation of construction documents, field observations during the construction phase, and investigation of building facades and exterior wall systems.


Building Envelope Assessment

  • 900 North Michigan Avenue Building - Chicago, IL: Facade inspection for city ordinance
  • 55 West Wacker Drive - Chicago, IL: Facade investigation and CAD support for facade investigation
  • Book Cadillac Hotel - Chicago, IL: Facade inspection
  • 1355 and 1360 North Sandburg Terrace - Chicago, IL: Concrete facade inspection and site observation
  • 65 East Goethe Street - Chicago, IL: Facade inspection and water testing


Computer-Aided Drafting

  • Two East Oak Condominium Association - Chicago, IL: CAD support for facade repairs


Nondestructive Evaluation

  • New York City School Construction - NY: Metal detection survey


Parking Structures

  • Randolph Place Parking Garage - Chicago, IL: Investigation, preparation of repair documents, and construction observation for repair of concrete garage slabs for repairs
  • Dallas Galleria and Park West - TX: Due diligence property inspections of parking garages
  • John Hancock Center Parking Garage Helix Ramp - Chicago, IL: Investigation and site observations


Water Penetration Testing

  • Lowell House - Chicago, IL: Window and wall water testing
  • Oak Park Public Library - Oak Park, IL: Water leakage investigation
  • The Ambassador - Chicago, IL: Window quality assurance water testing
Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute


ACI Certified Concrete Field Testing - Grade I