Emma K. Cardini

Associate Principal


Emma Cardini has experience in facade investigations, historic preservation, and structural condition assessments. She has been involved in field investigations and condition surveys to investigate deterioration, leakage, and structural problems in existing building enclosure systems. Ms. Cardini has prepared repair documents and has provided construction phase services for a variety of materials, including stone, concrete, cast stone, brick masonry, terra cotta, and coatings and sealants. She has also participated in the assessment and repair of several historic structures.

Ms. Cardini is a member of WJE’s Difficult Access Team and is a certified SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) Level III Technician. She has inspected structures as tall as 550 feet using industrial rope access techniques and has documented conditions and provided mitigation of falling hazards in areas that are difficult to access.


Facade Assessment

  • Sawyer Hall - Boston, MA: Evaluation of deterioration at brick, stone, and cast stone facade; repair design; and construction administration
  • 50 Post Office Square - Boston, MA: Leak assessment and facade condition assessment of limestone masonry facade, preparation of contract documents, and construction administration
  • 111 Westminster - Providence, RI: Difficult access of stone, brick, and cast iron facade and annual maintenance inspections; preparation of repair documents
  • Berkeley Building - Boston, MA: Rope access for stone facade inspection, condition assessment, and preparation of contract documents
  • Landmark Center - Boston, MA: Condition assessment of brick and concrete masonry facade, preparation of contract documents, and construction administration


Historic Preservation

  • Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO: Industrial rope access inspection of stainless steel structure as part of staining assessment
  • Fenway Park - Boston, MA: Annual concrete and waterproofing maintenance repair design
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church - Brookline, MA: Assessment of stone masonry steeple, repair design, and construction administration
  • Omni Parker House Hotel - Boston, MA: Ongoing facade investigation and repair design and oversight for brick masonry facade
  • Hartford Times Building - Hartford, CT: Evaluation of terra cotta distress and coating analysis as well as recommendations and repair design
  • The Boston Athenaeum - Boston, MA: Evaluation of brick facade and cast iron, repair design, and construction administration
  • Old South Church - Boston, MA: Industrial rope access inspection of interior plaster wall finishes, masonry arch, and bell tower
  • Tribune Tower - Chicago, IL: Condition assessment of stone facade tower using industrial rope access techniques
  • Washington Monument - Washington, D.C.: Condition assessment of postseismic damage using industrial rope access techniques and repair recommendations


Failure Investigation

  • 135 Clarendon - Boston, MA: Investigation of glass guardrail failure and review of delegated design
  • Wilson Commons Glass Atrium - Rochester, NY: Peer review of leak investigation and schematic design for curtain wall replacement


Cleaning and Coating Assessments

  • Cooper Street Parking Garage - Waltham, MA: Cleaning and trials for soot removal at precast concrete parking garage
  • Necco Court Buildings - Boston, MA: Evaluation of historic coatings at corrugated metal clad bridge
  • Mandarin Oriental - Boston, MA: Cleaning trials for biological growth at limestone facade
Professional Affiliations

IIBEC - Building Envelope Symposium Technical Committee
The Masonry Society (TMS)


Professional Engineer in CT, MA, and RI
Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians - Level III Rope Access Technician


Tufts University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2001
Master of Engineering Science, Structural Engineering, 2009