Omni Parker House Hotel

Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston, MA

Repair of Historic Masonry Facade and Window Replacement

After performing a roof replacement project at The Omni Parker House Hotel in 1996, WJE was retained to perform a facade investigation and review ongoing leaks.


The Omni Parker House Hotel is a fourteen-story building, located on the corner of Tremont Street and School Street in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The Omni Parker House Hotel consists of three building structures constructed in different stages. The Bosworth building is nine stories tall, made of red brick and sandstone, and resides on the southern portion of the L-shaped structure. The main building is the beige brick, cast stone, and polished granite, thirteen story building that resides on the northern portion of the L-shaped structure. The third building, also thirteen stories tall and made of beige brick and cast stone, was built to connect the other two buildings.


WJE identified deterioration throughout the building envelope by performing a binocular-aided visual survey as well as an up-close inspection and leak investigation. Based on findings developed through the hands-on survey, water testing, and laboratory analysis of existing building materials, WJE was able to define the extent of repairs necessary to repair the leaks while maintaining the building's historic facade. WJE prepared construction documents for repairs at the brick masonry, decorative cast stone window surrounds, copper roof, window units, structural steel, and a full replacement of the cast stone cornice and trials of brick staining to match the adjacent, historic brick facade. WJE also assisted with construction period services during the window replacement and facade repairs.