Daniel T. Pearson

Senior Associate


Since joining WJE, Daniel Pearson has been involved in the evaluation, investigation, and repair of existing structures. His project work has included steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structures.

Prior to joining WJE, Mr. Pearson worked as a structural engineering consultant in the oil and gas industry, where he gained experience in onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. His graduate research focused on evaluating roadside barriers and related hardware through the application of nonlinear, dynamic finite element analyses of vehicle impacts with roadside barriers.



Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Tilt-Up Warehouse - Houston, TX:  Investigation of tilt-up warehouse roof collapse
  • Aircraft Hangar - Houston, TX: Investigation of steel aircraft hangar collapse during construction
  • Elementary School - Fort Lauderdale, FL: Investigation of school roof collapse
  • Pedestrian Bridge - Houston, TX:  Investigation of pedestrian bridge soffit collapse
  • Tilt-Up Office Building - Houston, TX: Investigation, assessment, and repair design related to tilt-up office building roof collapse
  • Hurricane Damage Assessments - Various Locations: Structural assessment of numerous buildings due to hurricane damage


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Barbours Cut Terminal Wharf 3 - Houston, TX: Design for structural retrofit of wharf to support new gantry cranes
  • Refinery Dock - Houston, TX: Repair design for reinforced concrete dock exhibiting severe corrosion related distress
  • Refinery Process Tower Foundation - Houston, TX: Condition assessment and repair design for reinforced concrete tabletop structure
  • Chemical Plant Support Structure - OK: Condition assessment and repair design for steel process support structure
  • High-Rise Office Building - Houston, TX: Assessment and repair design for precast panel cladding


Steel Structures

  • Refinery Pipe Rack - Houston, TX: Condition assessment and conceptual repair recommendations for steel pipe rack
  • PSA Aircraft Hangar - San Antonio, TX:  Main truss and secondary member analysis and strengthening design for wet and foam fire protection retrofit
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building Facility - McAllen, TX: Structural assessment and analysis of existing building to current building code
  • Offshore Production Facilities - Houston, TX:  Ultimate strength and fatigue evaluations of steel topside structures for equipment and deck additions for various offshore production
  • facilities *


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - Houston, TX: Three-dimensional finite element analysis of reinforced concrete tank
  • Highway Interchange Connectors - Houston, TX: Nonlinear finite element analysis of horizontally curved steel girders for erection
  • Reinforced Concrete Bridges - OR:  Refined load rating of superstructure and substructure using CSiBridge
  • Potash Mine - Canada: Nonlinear finite element analysis of steel gusset connections to evaluate buckling capacity and determine repair locations *


Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

  • Suspension Bridge - Waco, TX: Structural analysis of suspension bridge during suspension cable replacement
  • Steel Pedestrian Bridge - Houston, TX: Erection engineering for multispan horizontally covered steel pedestrian bridge
  • In-Service Bridges - Houston, TX: Routine inspections of numerous bridges and retaining walls
  • Interstate Highway - Houston, TX: Assessment of concrete deck cracking
  • Reinforced Concrete Bridges and Culverts - OR: Refined load ratings of multiple reinforced concrete bridges and culverts

 * Indicates experience with previous firm

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Civil Engineers
Structural Engineers Association of Texas


ARSC Basic Orientation Plus
NHI Course 130055 - Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
NHI Course 130078 - Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges
Professional Engineer in CA, OR, and TX
Structural Engineer in LA and OK
TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential


Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2013
Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering, 2014