Daniel T. Pearson

Senior Associate


Daniel Pearson is involved in the assessment, evaluation, and repair/rehabilitation of numerous structures. His project work includes steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structures. He has experience working in buildings, parking garages, bridges, marine facilities, and process-plant structures.

Before joining WJE, Mr. Pearson was a structural engineering consultant in the oil-and-gas industry, where he gained expertise in onshore and offshore oil-and-gas facilities. His graduate research at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute focused on evaluating roadside barriers and related hardware through the application of nonlinear, dynamic, finite element analyses of vehicle impacts with roadside barriers.



Repair and Rehabilitation

  • Barbours Cut Terminal Wharf - Houston, TX: Design for structural retrofit of wharf to support new gantry cranes
  • Chemical Plant Process Building - Houston, TX: Assessment and repair design for structural steel process building
  • Refinery Process Tower Foundation - Houston, TX: Condition assessment and repair design for reinforced concrete tabletop structure
  • Chemical Plant Support Structure - OK: Assessment and repair design for steel process support structure


Steel Structures

  • Pipeline Suspension Bridge - Houston, TX: Assessment of structural steel towers of suspension bride and development of prioritized repair recommendations
  • Steel-Framed Garages - Houston, TX: Assessment of steel-framed garages and development of prioritized repair recommendations
  • Refinery Pipe Rack - Houston, TX: Condition assessment and conceptual repair recommendations for steel pipe rack
  • PSA Airlines Aircraft Hangar - San Antonio, TX:  Main truss and secondary member analysis and strengthening design


Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Tilt-Up Warehouse - Houston, TX:  Investigation of tilt-up warehouse roof collapse
  • Aircraft Hangar - Houston, TX: Investigation of steel aircraft hangar collapse during construction
  • Elementary School - Fort Lauderdale, FL: Investigation of school-roof collapse
  • Pedestrian Bridge - Houston, TX:  Investigation of pedestrian bridge soffit collapse
  • Tilt-Up Office Building - Houston, TX: Investigation and repair design related to tilt-up office building roof collapse
  • Hurricane Damage Assessments - Various Locations, U.S.: Post-hurricane structural assessment of numerous buildings


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • Historic Office Building - Port Arthur, TX: Nonlinear structural analysis of seven-story historic office building
  • Highway Interchange Connectors - Houston, TX: Nonlinear finite element analysis of horizontally curved steel girders for erection
  • Reinforced Concrete Bridges - OR: Refined load rating of multiple bridges using CSiBridge
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building Facility - McAllen, TX: Structural assessment and detailed structural analysis of existing building to current building code


Bridges and Civil Infrastructure

  • Suspension Bridge - Waco, TX: Structural analysis of suspension bridge during suspension cable replacement
  • Steel Pedestrian Bridge - Houston, TX: Erection engineering for multispan, horizontally covered steel pedestrian bridge
  • In-Service Bridges - Houston, TX: Routine inspections of numerous bridges and retaining walls
  • Interstate Highway - Houston, TX: Assessment of concrete deck cracking
  • Reinforced Concrete Bridges and Culverts - OR: Refined load ratings of multiple reinforced concrete bridges and culverts
Professional Affiliations

American Society of Civil Engineers
Structural Engineers Association of Texas


ARSC Basic Orientation Plus
NHI Course 130055 - Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
NHI Course 130078 - Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges
Professional Engineer in CA, OR, and TX
Structural Engineer in LA and OK
TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential


Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2013
Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering, 2014