Bryan K. Rouse

Associate Principal


Since joining WJE in 1995, Bryan Rouse has performed hundreds of evaluations and investigations of distressed and deteriorated conditions in existing buildings and other structures. Projects undertaken include high-rise and low-rise buildings; historical buildings; structural steel buildings; conventionally reinforced concrete structures; timber-framed structures; stone, brick, and terra cotta exterior facades; stucco and plaster finishes; EIFS; gypsum wallboard; glass and metal curtain walls; fire- and water-damaged structures; and architectural and structural design coordination. His responsibilities have included designing repairs, developing construction documents, and providing field observation services for repair work during the construction phase. Mr. Rouse has also assisted several project teams in providing litigation assistance in construction-related lawsuits and mediation.


Architectural Investigations

  • Allstate Insurance Company - Northbrook, IL: Review of precast cladding
  • Phillips Residence - Barrington, IL: Exterior stone and stucco installation
  • University Place Hotel - Indianapolis, IN: Building envelope review
  • 65 E. Goethe - Chicago, IL: Limestone cladding
  • Marshall Field's - Chicago, IL: Terra cotta and granite cladding
  • Accenture Building - Northbrook, IL: Prepurchase inspection


Computer Modeling

  • Allstate Insurance Company - Northbrook, IL: Entrance alterations
  • Partlow vs. Romar - Dallas, TX: Shipping accident
  • CNA Building - Chicago, IL: Pedestrian protection plan
  • Millennium Park - Chicago, IL: Support structure for the Kapoor sculpture
  • City of Chicago - Chicago, IL: Water main rupture


Construction Accident Reconstruction

  • John Hancock Building - Chicago, IL: Scaffold failure
  • Post Office - Chicago, IL: Construction collapse
  • Precast Concrete Beam - Chicago, IL: Shipping accident


Construction Claims Evaluation

  • 201 North Wells - Chicago, IL: Water tank rupture
  • Post Office - Chicago, IL: Construction collapse
  • Precast Concrete Beam - Chicago, IL: Shipping accident


EIFS and Stucco

  • Duneridge Condominiums - Wrightsville Beach, NC: EIFS replacement
  • The Gables Apartments - Dallas, TX: EIFS cladding review
  • Phillips Residence - Barrington, IL: Stucco installation


Repair and Rehabilitation Design

  • South Water Market - Chicago, IL: Terra cotta restoration
  • Allstate Insurance Company - Northbrook, IL: Precast concrete repairs
  • Church of the Ascension - Frankfort, KY: Historic preservation

Architect in IL and NE


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies, 1994
Master of Architecture, 1996