Water and Wastewater


Water resources are an integral part of our communities and the functioning of municipalities. When a problem arises that threatens the proper function of these infrastructure, clients rely on WJE for assessment and repair solutions. Our history of more than 175,000 investigations has developed an unparalleled understanding of structural and materials behavior.

WJE’s work on concrete deterioration and corrosion protection is informed by the expertise of our laboratory facilities, offering a full range of petrographic, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, mortar, and coatings analyses services. Our professionals are experienced in the use of a wide variety of nondestructive diagnostic tools to assess the condition of concrete and steel structures, piping, and components.

When applied in the harsh environments of water and wastewater facilities, our expertise produces more accurate assessments of existing conditions, cost-effective repair options, and durable maintenance strategies. Our repair and rehabilitation solutions range from surface treatments that inhibit the ingress of corrosive chemicals; corrosion protection coatings to limit future interactions between the metal and a corrosive environment; partial and full-depth repairs using specialized mortars to improve the long-term durability of the repairs; passive and active cathodic protection to counter the effects of corrosion; and structural rehabilitation options.