Victory Field

Capital Improvement Board of Managers for Marion County, Indiana
Indianapolis, IN

Roof Assessment

At the request of the Capitol Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County, Indiana (CIB), WJE completed an assessment of the roof areas for Victory Field in Indianapolis, Indiana. The assessment was requested to assist in developing capital budgeting for Victory Field.


Completed in 1996, Victory Field serves as the primary venue for the Indianapolis Indians AAA baseball team. The roofing systems typically consist of mechanically attached PVC roofing membrane over metal deck at ten of the eleven roof areas at Victory Field. The eleventh roof area consists of fully adhered PVC membrane.


The roofing assessment at Victory Field was performed with the use of nondestructive testing methods, including capacitance testing, to identify areas of possible deficiencies and performance issues in the existing roofing system. Investigative openings were also made to identify the existing roof system components and verify the nondestructive testing results.

Findings from WJE’s investigation were utilized to develop a phased roofing maintenance and replacement plan based on the existing conditions and the expected useful life remaining at the eleven roof areas that exist on the building.