Riverwalk Holiday Inn

Intercontinental Hotels
San Antonio, TX

Renovation of Swimming Pool and Plaza

While working on a project pertaining to the facade at the hotel, WJE was asked to assess the condition of the swimming pool, which was located over the parking garage. WJE determined that the original twenty-year-old pool structure was constructed of unprotected steel framing, which was badly deteriorated. Significant leakage was occurring through the pool walls and structural slab into the garage below. If unrepaired, the leakage had the potential to cause damage to the post-tensioned garage structure.


The Riverwalk Holiday Inn is located in downtown San Antonio, Texas, and contains an outdoor swimming pool and spa on the seventh floor of the building.


With information from the site investigation, WJE met with the client to discuss various solutions. In addition to the leakage and distress at the pool shell, leakage was occurring through the surrounding plaza surface, and the hotel management felt that the condition of the pool plaza was not aesthetically pleasing. The pool also lacked shade structures for swimmers. WJE worked with the client to design a comprehensive pool plaza renovation. The pool shell was completely removed and reconstructed. A redundant water containment system was designed with a complete waterproof enclosure for the new concrete pool shell. The existing spa adjacent to the pool was also replaced. Deteriorated plaza deck around the pool was removed and replaced, and new waterproofing and tile were installed over the entire plaza. The new design incorporated access hatches to provide entry for inspection of the enclosed space below the pool. A new pool mechanical system was also installed. The design was completed with improvements to pool amenities, including a new shade structure and bathroom renovations. Subsequent to design, WJE assisted the owner during bidding and construction administration for the project.