Reg Lenna Center for the Arts

The Reg Lenna Center for Performing Arts
Jamestown, NY

Existing Materials Testing

Planned renovations of the facility required the design team to evaluate the existing structural materials. WJE was engaged to perform in-place testing of the existing masonry materials to provide additional information to assist in the analysis of the structure.


The Reg Lenna Center for Performing Arts includes multiple adjacent buildings that are believed to have been built around 1897. The buildings are constructed with unreinforced clay masonry bearing walls and wood-framed floors. The Center hosts multiple stage, visual, and audio arts. In addition to the main theater, there are a number of supporting spaces, including smaller performance venues, a restaurant, gallery spaces, offices, and recording studios. The intended renovations aim to reconfigure a number of the existing spaces into more useable areas for the Center.


WJE worked with the project design team to develop and implement a masonry testing program. On-site testing was completed by WJE personnel in accordance with ASTM International standards. Equipment included a hydraulic ram, pump, and gauges as well as stainless steel flatjacks. Efforts also involved coordination with a local masonry contractor to prepare numerous locations for testing.

Test data were compiled and reviewed by WJE and the structural engineer of record but required additional analysis to provide more useable information. WJE performed additional evaluation of the data using multiple reference standards and industry-accepted approaches. Information was compiled into a comprehensive report that was provided to the owner and design team for their use in the design of the renovations.