Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa

Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa
Asheville, NC

Clay Tile Roof Replacement

The Grove Park Inn's original red clay tile roof, one of the historic hotel's trademark features, was completely replaced in 2000 and quickly began to exhibit signs of failure. The cracked and loose tiles presented a falling hazard to hotel guests, and staining compromised the hotel's appearance. The owners of the Grove Park Inn needed experts in the fields of roofing and waterproofing to investigate the source of the stains, water leakage, and distress and to design a repair solution, all while minimizing disruptions to hotel operations.


Constructed between 1912 and 1913 from locally hewn granite boulders, the Grove Park Inn offers visitors sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The shingle style roof is made of red clay tiles arranged in a simple, continuous way that follows the roof's curvilinear shape.


WJE conducted in-house materials testing of the mortar and concrete setting beds and performed a condition evaluation of the roof membrane, battens, counter battens, and clay tile roof system to determine the source of the water leakage. To protect hotel guests and employees from falling tile, WJE developed a temporary solution to install containment netting over the roof.

With their investigation complete and immediate safety risks addressed, the experts at WJE prepared a comprehensive report detailing the technical data, costs, and expected service life of two possible long-term repair solutions. This approach allowed the Grove Park Inn to make an informed decision when selecting the repair option that best suited their needs and budget. The Inn ultimately opted to replace only the clay tile at the roof's dormers, hips, and ridges— a plan that would restore the water shedding capabilities of these locations, extend the life of the roof for another fifty to sixty years, and maintain the roof's historic natural appearance.

WJE provided extensive on-site observation through the completion of the tile replacement, providing assistance with repair mock-ups and the selection of custom color tile to match the existing tile. WJE also investigated and prepared repairs for the historic wood dormer windows and performed water leakage tests to verify the success of the repairs.