Goffe Street Armory

Nelson Edwards Company Architects, LLC
New Haven, CT

Parapet Repair Design

The winter of 2010—2011 saw a failure of the existing brick parapet on the north side of the building, which caused damage to the interior and roof. Before the Armory could be repurposed, the parapet wall needed to be repaired.


The Goffe Street Armory, located at 60 Goffe Street was built in 1928—1930. At over 155,000 square feet, it occupies half a city block. The Armory is a masonry building built at grade level in the wrap-around style of classic armory design. Originally occupied by the Connecticut National Guard, for whom it was built, the Armory was abandoned as surplus in 2009, at which time ownership reverted to the City of New Haven.

In a move to centralize city municipalities and contain costs, a plan was proposed in which the Armory would be used to house the Board of Education, Board of Health, and a Community/Youth Center.


WJE visited the building to review and document the existing conditions of the south parapet wall and intersecting roofing in order to develop a repair scope. Existing conditions at the north parapet wall were inspected for any emerging distress. WJE reviewed existing reports regarding the 2010—2011 failure and all other existing building documentation provided to WJE by the client.

Based on the findings, WJE produced design development level drawings and details for the required repairs. These documents were used by the client in the development of a preliminary opinion of probable construction costs and by the City of New Haven in their Historic Restoration Fund (HRF) grant application. After grant approval, WJE provided construction documents and specifications for public bid.