Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church
Tulsa, OK

Facade Assessment

During a site meeting, water infiltration issues and various conditions were discussed, including the general condition of the stone relative to distress and staining. After a recommendation that the issues be further investigated, Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (BAUMC)  requested a proposal to visually examine up to eight areas of the facade of the tower using WJE’s Difficult Access Team.


BAYMC was constructed between 1927 and 1929 in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The building was designed by Bruce Goff and Adah Robinson in the Art Deco or Modern Gothic style. The exterior of the church has been largely architecturally unaltered since construction. The structure consists of a semicircular auditorium and a prominent 250-foot-tall, fifteen-story central tower. The exterior facade is primarily clad in Bedford (Indiana) limestone and contains terra cotta and copper ornamentation. The aluminum-framed windows are glazed with plate glass lites.


WJE performed a limited close-up inspection of the building facades using industrial rope access techniques to review the existing condition and as-built configuration of the tower. The WJE team observed interior moisture exposure and damage, and reviewed the exterior limestone and terra cotta, sheet copper cladding, and window and roof systems.

Based on the inspection, WJE provided a report to BAUMC regarding certain aspects of the tower facade and waterproofing systems that needed repair or stabilization to address near-term life safety concerns, waterproofing deficiencies, and long-term serviceability of the tower.