220 20th Street

JBG Smith
Arlington, VA

Exterior Water Leakage Investigation and Repair Design

WJE was contacted in October 2016 regarding several locations of interior water penetration at the building; at the time, another consulting firm was investigating and overseeing repairs to address the leaks. In mid-2018, due to reoccurring water leakage following the previous repair program, WJE was retained to assist with the ongoing water infiltration issues at the property. Since then, WJE has completed several leakage investigations and provided oversight during subsequent repairs.


Completed in 2009, 220 20th Street is an eleven-story apartment building in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. With 265 units, the building includes a rooftop pool and below-grade parking. The facade is primarily comprised of aluminum-framed window wall and curtain wall assemblies with metal panel cladding in a barrier configuration. The building has been experiencing water leakage since construction. Multiple investigations and repairs have been undertaken to address the leaks by WJE and other consulting firms.


WJE performed field water penetration testing to identify and confirm the point(s)-of-water entry and leakage path(s) for reported rainwater penetration through the window and balcony assemblies that have resulted in water damage at the building interior. WJE utilized a combination of field-testing delivery methods for this project in general conformance with applicable industry standards.

During our time on-site, WJE has identified several systemic issues at the building that have resulted in interior water leakage. These issues include discontinuities within the window assemblies and exterior joint sealant as well as interfaces with roof and terrace waterproofing systems. Upon identifying water entry points via field diagnostic water penetration testing, WJE developed repair strategies and worked closely with a local restoration contractor to address the issues at the property. After the contractor completed their work, WJE tested the repairs to confirm that the leaks were addressed.