The SF Facade Ordinance: Planning, Logistics, Inspections, and Reporting

Christopher A. Martinez, Associate III
Aaron C. Weiss, Senior Associate

Initial inspection reports are coming due for the San Francisco Building Facade Inspection and Maintenance Ordinance, and we have the information and deadlines you need to know. The Facade Ordinance requires periodic inspection and reporting for building facades intended to identify unsafe conditions that could jeopardize public safety and to promote building facade maintenance.

In this webinar, WJE experts Aaron Weiss and Chris Martinez review the requirements of the Facade Ordinance, explore some common planning and logistical issues associated with performing the required inspections, and compare several strategies that can be used to reduce the cost of completing maintenance and repairs that may be required by the inspection report.

By the end of the presentation, you will be able to:

  • Describe the general Facade Ordinance inspection and reporting requirements, including the deadlines for the initial inspection and report,
  • Summarize the three potential building classifications that may be assigned by the Facade Ordinance inspection report, including the requirements if unsafe conditions are discovered during the inspection,
  • Identify facade access challenges and limitations at a certain building and the potential benefits of coordinating Facade Ordinance inspections with repairs due to challenging access conditions, and
  • Plan and budget for the initial inspection and report for a building and for subsequent inspections on a ten-year cycle.
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