Damage, Failure, and Codes: What’s Required, What’s Not, and Why?

Logan J. Cook, Associate Principal and Unit Manager
Ross J. Smith, Principal

What does the code allow? What does the code require? Are you looking at the right code? 

When faced with the challenge of investigating and evaluating building damage or failure, it is important to understand the governing building codes and what those codes require/allow. It is also important to understand that the code is often open to interpretation by code officials, engineers, and insurance providers when repairing damaged buildings. Thus, interpretations of a governing building code are not always parallel to the objectives and priorities of building owners and managers after a covered loss. 

In this one-hour webinar, WJE code experts and structural engineers Logan Cook and Ross Smith will discuss several case studies of uncommon code applications, what insurance covered (and did not), and strategies to find unique and effective solutions in situations where things are gray. 

You will learn to:

  • Identify limits of what adopted building codes cover and omit related to damage and failure;
  • Recognize variations of building code prescriptions based on preferences of jurisdictions;
  • Distinguish how building codes and good practice align and conflict when repairing buildings; and,
  • Read and interpret what is and is not in the code when repairing damaged or failed buildings.

* This webinar recording is made available for educational purposes. While we hope you will watch and learn something useful, please note that viewers aren't eligible for AIA credit.